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What are the lighting equipment that are often used in stage theaters? Apr 25, 2018

There are many kinds of stages in the theater, which are roughly divided into: stage with frame, stage with extended stage, stage with island stage, and stage with black box. Due to the different modes of the stage, the lighting equipment needs are not the same. So, what are the lighting equipments that are often used in stage theaters? Here's the stage lighting manufacturers in Guangzhou Cosda to share with you!

1. Imaging lights: There are many types of beam angles that can be selected according to the needs of the application. The first characteristic is that the light spots can be cut into squares, diamonds, triangles, and other shapes.

2. Spotlight: The spotlight used on the stage equipment refers to the use of plano-convex condensers in front of the lamp. This type of lamp can condition the size of the spot, and the beam that comes out is more like a collection. The surrounding diffused light is smaller and the power is 0.5W. To a variety of 5KW, focal length has long, medium and short points, depending on the distance of the distance needed to be selected.

 Stage lighting design

3. Astigmatism bar lights: long strips, dividends and more grids, usually can be divided into three or four colors, each grid with incandescent bulbs power of about 200W, require a variety of colors from the phase of uniform, for a large area to illuminate the curtain or screen The application can also be used as a large-area balanced light, and various colors of light can be used together to bring out different kinds of colorful light beams.

4. Rib Light: Soft Light, but it is called Spotlight in the TV Festival. On the stage, for the difference, the above-mentioned plane-convex spotlights are scattered and soft, so they use a large diffusion area. Sometimes, in order to manipulate the diffused light, a halberd page is inserted in front of the mirror to pass through. The characteristic is that the light area is large, not like The spotlight has a remarkable light spot feeling, with a relatively short range, and power of 1KW, 2KW, etc.

 Stage lighting project

5. Day row of lights: high-powered astigmatic lamps, used to illuminate the sky from the top down, the need for light and balance, shine area.

6. The row of lights: high-powered astigmatism lights, used to put on the stage, the lower part of the canopy shines upwards, and the daylight row of lights shines in contact, from top to bottom.

7. Normally astigmatic lamps: For example, tungsten-iodine lamps and general floodlights, the first is to evenly illuminate an area, or some set of purposes.

Before the stage lighting equipment is equipped, it is necessary to understand what kind of repertoire is to be performed on this stage, so that the lighting fixtures will have clearer goals and objectives.

 Stage lighting equipment