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What are the different lighting designs for various entertainment venues? Oct 13, 2017

Now the lighting has developed a lot of categories, a lot of entertainment places need to use the light, has far more than the stage lighting so simple, different occasions need to reflect the different atmosphere of light, especially in the night play can not ignore the role. Such as: in the dim light and cool colors of the place, the guests will feel more depressed, on the contrary to the light is more bright and warm colors of the place, the excitement will improve. A certain degree of light and then gradually dim, let people into a psychedelic state and to achieve the state of excitement.


  First, the nightclubs and entertainment clubs: in the lighting requirements, they are basically the same, in the room to create a warm, comfortable and elegant atmosphere, mainly to indirect light source, to avoid direct light exposure to the eyes of the guests to form a glare point. Coffee table, decorative paintings, handicrafts, etc. can be used to spotlight to enhance the artistic atmosphere. In the warm light-based environment to have a little cold light for comparison, to avoid color tedious.


  Second, slow it and disco: slow shake it requires light according to different periods to create a different atmosphere. In the opening section, the light is more bright and warm colors, with the time delay, the lights gradually dimmed, to the last only some of the LED, fiber and other weak light source with sound effects, sometimes bright light to drive Atmosphere of the audience. In order to facilitate the DJ control the atmosphere, should the audience light control in the DJ station, through the computer unified regulation. The disco lights are similar to the slow shaking, but it is darker and cooler than the slow shaking, and the fictional blurred light is much more to meet the guests' feelings.


  Third, the performance bar and performance hall: to warm light source and indirect light source, the stage of the lighting changes is the focus of the audience, the shape of the decorative lights, professional computer lights and laser lights and so should continue to cooperate with the show Changes in content. So that guests feel in a scene of the ever-changing.


  Fourth, the discount KTV: light requirements change little, to bright, clear, warm, comfortable can.