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What are the common troubleshooting methods for moving head lights? Apr 27, 2018

In the last issue, we shared some of the common troubleshooting methods for moving head lights. This time we will continue to share more solutions for moving head lights.

Moving head light

Common Fault 5: The computer's moving head is out of step?

1. If there is a step-out phenomenon in the moving head of the computer, please re-program the program and try again;

2. If it still does not work, it may be that a certain function of the motor or an IC motherboard burned.

Common fault six: computer moving head light is not controlled?

1. Check if the address code is logarithmic? If the address code is but not controlled, check whether the three signal cores are connected incorrectly, and check the connection between the card dragon seat and the card faucet. );

2. In the case of address code pairs, the DMX lamp at the address code will flash normally if there is no problem with the signal line connection. If there is no flash, the connection is faulty.

3. Use the same console to connect to another lamp and try it alone. If there is no problem, it proves that the lamp or the display board that is not controlled has failed.

Guangzhou stage lighting equipment manufacturers

Common fault seven: computer moving head light broken belt?

1. If the lamp body X or Y axis does not respond, but the console and other lights are operating normally, there may be a broken belt;

2. If the X axis does not move, but the Y axis moves, or the X axis moves, but the Y axis does not move, the belt may be broken;

3. If any of the above signs appear, you can turn X/Y with your hands when you turn off the lights. Feel if there is a belt driving the belt. If it is loose, it will move and it will be sure that the belt is disconnected. Now.

Here are some of the most popular computer moving headlights for bars, KTVs, discos, nightclubs, shows, weddings, etc.

LED10W mini beam head light

Stage lighting equipment design

Power Supply: AC110-220V/0-60HZ

Light source: LED10W imported Cree lamp beads (RGBW four in one or pure white optional)

Power: 10W

Control: DMX512, voice activated, self-propelled, master-slave mode

Channel: 10/14CH

Scanning Angle: Horizontal Scan: 540°, Vertical Scan: 270°

Strobe: Multiple strobes selectable, 10 strobe frequencies per second

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming, from dark to bright

LED display: LED display can be positive and negative, display off selectable

Cooling System: Fan Cooling System

Size: 175*175*250mm

Net weight: 1.95 kg

Single package weight: 2.55 kg

One package 6/one package 8