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Wedding ceremony how to use the moving head light and LED par light Nov 09, 2017

The lighting used in the wedding is more par and the moving head light, if the combination of these two lights is good, then the effect is very good, usually at a wedding, 4 230W beam light or 6 230W beam Lights + LED Par Pai 8, how to position out better, how in all aspects reflect the different effects of moving lights and Par lights. Because we used to encounter cameraman said the newcomers in the presence of shaking his head when playing the pattern of words taken out too messy, feeling out of breath, the par light more color to take out the face is not clear, the newcomers on the court how to do Par light effect and moving head light effect?


Headlights put the stage behind or 2 can be, as long as it will not sweep the face of new people, playing pattern will not affect the effect of the filming out. LED PAR light for better, as the scene light can be, but will Affect the effect of shooting out. Face light or light bulbs like lighting better.


I put four beam lights put the stage in front of the word lined up, the newcomers on the stage, then do not go to the stage on the OK, Par light blue or white light with this effect does not affect the filming, the red do not use, patted like a ghost Oh, the performance of the panchromatic, the effect of the show to do what the camera.


Now the wedding is using beam lights, LED play a flower gate or background, the beam stage to be a full audience effect, the new instrument to catch up with 2 chasing light, the effect is better.


LED can be placed on both sides of the T station, shop color, computer lights, if I usually four on the Taiwan side of the mouth, and then stand up on both sides of the T station, you can play LOGO or when facing the light used as a surface light Yes, but the best LED do not hit the T station face.