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To lighten the method of lighting fixtures in Guangzhou stage lighting equipment May 04, 2018

The performance of a stage needs to be composed of actors, scenery, lighting, props, and musical sound effects equipment. However, stage lighting equipment is particularly important. Therefore, in order to be able to achieve the best light effects, Guangzhou's stage lighting equipment wholesalers also spent a lot of thought to study the method of lighting fixtures for stage lighting equipment. The following is simple for everyone to explain:

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1. Top light system engineering design layout

The role of the ceiling light is to perform necessary lighting on the performance space of the stage. Various lamps are used in the top light configuration, which greatly improves the light transmittance of the light and can be used for lighting or dyeing of the stage top light.

A. Configure the lighting distribution as follows:

A total of 20 ceiling light booms were installed above the stage. The difference between each top light is the use of a different number of light fixtures.

B. Arrangement and projection method of lamps:

Can be used as spotlights and special effect lighting in the first light position, and select a part of the lights to enhance the illumination of the fulcrum of the performance area; the second to tenth can be directed directly after the stage, and can also be directly downward Projection can enhance the lighting of the stage figures and landscape space. Before and after the light is connected, so that the stage performance area can get more uniform color and brightness.

2. Computer Light Engineering Design Configuration

The computer light equipment is mainly distributed on the top light pole above the stage, and it can freely adjust the lighting projection angle, brightness, the effect of changing the pattern, the size of the light beam, the color, etc., and it must ensure that the needs of the show change to the computer light.

3. Lighting design and configuration of color changer

The color changer installed on a part of the luminaire is mainly used as a stage light, a coloring, a color change, and a scenario, so as to achieve a variety of perfect lighting effects.

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