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The use of computer lights and console Oct 20, 2017

City-level television station financial resources, financial constraints, in the purchase of computer lights and console equipment is often purchased several times in batches, often resulting in a small number of configuration of the computer lights, but the model miscellaneous, uneven product performance, to Use caused some trouble and difficulties. In particular, the control part is often with the first purchase of the computer lights from the dedicated console, the other types of computer control is not very effective. In the long-term use of the process, we worked out a set of how to adjust the simple dedicated console to achieve the control of different models of computer lights. Here we use the pilot1600 console as an example to illustrate.

Pilot1600 computer lights console is a special GSM console in Italy. This console can control the 20 channels of DMX512 signal control by the computer lights, it can store 64 different models of light library, the maximum number of controllable lights for the 16 computer lights, (each corresponding to a button) Its own built-in several kinds of GSM lights of the light library, such as the use of GSM production of lamps, it is very convenient, but to use other models of lamps is very difficult.

There are three reasons:

(1) the console only one DMX512 signal output port, can not be divided into a number of control lines to control different lamps;

(2) the console originally only control a type of computer lights, address code settings as long as the number of lamps can be set by the number of lamps, new lamps, such as the number of channels with the original lamps, there will be covered Or the possibility of covering the original light channel;

(3) The built-in lamp library of the dedicated console does not support the new fixtures, and the number and name of the control channels of the new lamps can not be displayed correctly, which is not conducive to maintenance and use. We had four GSM scanning scanner, and then bought eight domestic moving head lights. For the sake of funding, we can not buy a new general-purpose computer lights console, in order to solve this problem, we have taken the following method: we first by the original computer lights No. 4 (both the last scan light) leads A signal line to the new lamps on the 1st lamp, all the 12 computer lights in series together, by a signal line control, to solve the DMX512 signal output problem; and then we have two kinds of lamps in the channel for a number of Standard to set the address code, the original GSM light is 16 channels, the new light is 8 channels, we will set the interval between the code 16. This ensures that each fixture is well controlled without generating a problem with the channel being covered; finally, we follow the function of each channel for the new lamp to prepare a new lighthouse so that the console can recognize the new fixture. So that we can correctly use the lamp, a variety of programming. Of course, this is only in the case of limited conditions of expediency, after all, in the use of more cumbersome, conditional, or choose a general-purpose computer lights console for the benefit.