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The problem of setting the address code of the moving head of the computer Apr 26, 2018

In the last issue, we Guangzhou Guangzhou stage lighting equipment manufacturers Gosda shared the problem of power supply and signal lines for moving head lights. After this article, we will continue to share more about computer shaking Beam light information!

3. The problem of setting the computer moving head light address code

The computer light in the stage lighting equipment adopts digital signal control and uses the internationally more common DMX512 control protocol. Each lamp must have its own code, and instructions sent by the computer's moving head console identify each lamp by this code. The scanner's encoder is usually mounted at the rear of the lamp (mirror scanning scanner) or at the base of the lamp (moving head-type scanner). The commonly used encoders are digital and switchable. Therefore, the prices of stage moving headlights will be different.

 Moving head beam light

It is relatively simple to use a digital encoder to set the moving head of the computer. Usually through the encoder menu, flip through the page to the address setting, and then use the “+” (up/∧) "-" (down/) on the encoder. ∨) Change the size of the number by using the symbol key. After confirmation, confirm by pressing the ENTER key. For example, a stage scanner with 20 channels. The starting address code of the first lamp is 1, it is set to "001"; the starting address code of the second lamp is 21, it is set to "021"; The lamp start address code is 401 and it is set to "401". Now we often use the "COMAR" scanner and "STUDIO COLOR", "STUDIO SPOT" scanner, is to use the above encoding.

 Moving head beam light

 In addition, there are many scanners that use switch encoders. They consist of nine small two-position switches (with exceptions). When the switch is placed in the "on" position, the switch represents the value of the switch. The code works. See Table 1 for the address code values corresponding to switches 1 to 9. How to use the moving head light: For example, to set a scanner with a start address of 1, set the switch “1” to “on”; to set a headlight with a start address of 41, turn the switch “1”. , "4" and "6" are placed on "on"; by analogy, you can set the address code of all computers moving beam light.

The following songstars will introduce a random strobe total dimming channel that can simultaneously control four main colors, the RGBW color mixing system and the rainbow-effect LED moving head dyeing lamp.

 Moving head light use

108 LED Moving Head Lights

Power supply: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz

Total power: 350W

Light source: 108 1/3W high-power imported LED (R: 24, G: 28, B28, W: 28)

Features: An average of 100,000 hours long life, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection LED 12 international standards DMX channel 3 species

Control mode: DMX signal control/master/slave/voice control

Horizontal scan: 540° or 630° (16-bit precision scan)

Vertical scanning: 265° (16bit precision scanning) High-speed electronic adjustment Strobe up to 1-25 times / second or random strobe Total dimming channel can simultaneously control four main colors RGBW color mixing system with bright and dimmable and closed light uniformity and rainbow The effect can be obtained by adjusting the color of the white LED to get more colorful colors. The beautiful blue-white liquid crystal displays eight built-in programs in Chinese and English, which can be automatically operated or controlled by an external console.

Spot angle: 15 °, 25 °, 45 ° can also provide other different angle lens package

Size: 445*310*435mm

Net weight: 9kg

Gross weight: 11kg