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Talk about LED stage lighting Apr 18, 2018

First, LED light principle

LED is the abbreviation of English light emitting diode, namely photoelectric excitation diode, which belongs to a kind of semiconductor component.

The core part of the light emitting diode is a wafer composed of a P type semiconductor and an N type semiconductor, and there is a transition layer between the P type semiconductor and the N type semiconductor, which is called a PN junction. In the NP junction of some semiconductor materials, the injected minority carrier and excess majority carrier combine to discharge excess energy in the form of light, thereby converting the electrical energy directly into light energy. If a reverse voltage is applied to the PN junction, minority carriers are difficult to inject and therefore do not emit light. This kind of diode made by using the principle of injection-type electroluminescence is called a light-emitting diode, which is called an LED element. However, no matter how changes occur, the overall light-emitting principle and structure of the LED have not changed much.

Second, LED stage lighting advantages

Since the birth of LED light source in the 1960s, it has achieved considerable development and application. Compared to incandescent and fluorescent lamps, the advantages of LEDs are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) The advantages of LEDs are not only reflected in the light-emitting quality, but also greatly exceed traditional light sources such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps in terms of their production, manufacture, and ease of use. The LED does not have a glass case in its structure and does not require vacuum or a specific gas in the lamp tube such as a halogen lamp or a fluorescent lamp. Therefore, the LED is excellent in shock resistance and impact resistance, bringing convenience to all aspects of production, transportation, and use.

(2) The size of LED components can be made very small, which is more convenient for the arrangement and design of various lighting equipment.

(3) The emitted light energy of the LED is highly concentrated and can be concentrated in a relatively small wavelength range. The light color purity is high.

(4) The lifetime of LED components is very long, generally between 50,000 hours and 100 000 hours. Even if they are switched frequently, they will not affect the service life.

(5) LED response time is very fast, in microseconds.

(6) The LED's light directionality is very strong, and light attenuation is much lower than traditional light sources.

(7) LED does not need to add "mercury" in the production process, and it is very environmentally friendly.

(8) The LED can be driven with low voltage DC power, and the use environment is less demanding. The advantages of LED lights can be summarized as: high light efficiency, long life, low power consumption, energy conservation; bright colors, high saturation; illumination can meet the needs of most occasions; color reproduction subjective feeling is good, display index Ra≥85.

Third, the status of LED stage lighting

LED as a new generation of light source, both in the work or light efficiency has a rapid development, especially since the emergence of white LED, there have been many LED lamps used in other lighting areas, in the stage lighting, film and television lighting applications start In the stage, there have been LED lighting effects and high-power LED lighting technology issues, due to the active participation and attention of the stage, film and television lighting companies, LED, this new light source lamp is getting better and better, has now been a breakthrough progress.

In the past two years of industry exhibitions, during the Spring Festival Gala of CCTV, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, and the broadcast of foreign TV stations, LED stage lighting can be said to be everywhere, LED stage lighting A large number of alternatives to traditional stage lighting (including three-color luminaires for news program lighting) have begun.

And with the continuous improvement of the LED stage lighting intelligent level, using LED light source shaking head pattern lights, shaking head dyeing lights, strobe lights, effect pattern lights, etc., endless. And because of its small size, light weight, energy saving and environmental protection, the effect is also widely used in various bars, KTV and other entertainment venues.

In summary, we can boldly infer that the LED stage, film and television lighting has entered the area of character lighting (character modeling based on light) from simple effect lighting (stage paving effect light).

With the further maturation of LED technology, the rapid increase in the luminous efficiency of LED light sources and the improvement of the lighting production technology level, and then from the use of LED stage lighting in large-scale theatrical performances, theater stages, television studios and entertainment venues, LED light sources must It will bring a revolutionary change to the stage and film and television lighting.

LED stage lighting itself has many advantages that traditional stage lighting does not have. Of course, LED stage lighting needs some specialization improvements. Now many domestic and foreign manufacturers are actively developing this new type of light source lamp. We firmly believe that today, the world has entered the promotion of energy-saving emission reduction, building a conservation-minded society, the advantages of LED lighting equipment, will lay a solid foundation for its extensive application in daily lighting, stage lighting, LED green The light source will definitely provide a brighter future for the stage lighting, in order to continue the legend of the new century of the stage lighting industry.