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Stage lighting recommended reasonable selection of lamp type Oct 16, 2017

First, the rational use of lighting type.

Where explosive atmospheres are present or are prone to produce explosive atmospheres, use an integral explosion-proof device. Corrosive gases and particularly humid places, should be used sealed or moisture-proof lamps, and its components should also be anti-corrosion treatment. In the hot and dusty places (such as steel, iron, rolling and other places) can be used cast light. Outdoor lighting can be used to close the type of lighting or fire lampholders open lighting.

Second, should be properly installed lighting, decorative lighting.

(1) the distance between the lamp and the combustible material is not less than 50 cm (the tungsten lamp is greater than 50 cm), and the height of the ground should not be less than 2 meters, when below this height, should install protective equipment. Light bulbs should not be stacked under the bulb.

(2) The protective cover of the lamp must be intact, and it is strictly prohibited to block the lamp with paper, cloth or other combustible material.

(3) combustible ceiling all concealed, installed lighting power should not be too large, and should be mainly incandescent or fluorescent; dark equipment and its heating accessories around the heat should be a good condition. The stage of the dark lights, dance floor lamp, combustible ceiling lamps should be worn through the steel pipe or fire-resistant hard plastic casing laying; halogen lamp near the wire should be used heat-resistant insulation sheath; Through the keel should have apron protection.

(4) the use of reliable low-temperature ballast, are not allowed to raise the temperature of the ballast directly fixed on the flammable ceiling and other objects, the capacitance and capacity must be consistent with the lamp.

(5) 0, 10 explosion hazard (0 area, refers to the explosive gas, 10 area refers to the explosive dust), the use of open-type lamps made of wall-mounted niches, the access door should be outside the wall Open and ensure good ventilation; to the side of the indoor lighting should be double-layer glass tightly closed. Its distance from the door, the horizontal distance of the window frame of not less than 3 meters, from the outlet level of not less than 5 meters