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Stage lighting effects have an important position for stage performances May 03, 2018

The actors on the stage can make the performance more colorful through stage lighting effects, so the stage lighting effects play a big role in the stage performance. Now the stage lighting equipment mainly includes beam lights, moving head lights, laser lights and so on. So what effect do these stage lighting equipments have in the performance?

Beam light, moving head light, laser light

First, there is an association between stage lighting effects and stage performances

Stage lighting effects We call it stage lighting effects, and many stage performances cannot leave it because it has an extremely important position.

1 The effects of stage lighting are inextricably linked with the stage actors. When the actors design the show, they must design the lighting effects inside, reflect the atmosphere of the performance through the lights, and achieve the effect of atmosphere rendering and contrast, so as to attract the audience. The gaze of the audience triggers resonance.

2 The stage lighting effects can coordinate each equipment item in the performance. While creating the atmosphere, it can better coordinate the actors, props, music, background and so on. In performances such as sketches and dramas, the story can be adjusted according to the story development process, so that the audience can feel the visual impact. Of course, in order to achieve this effect, it is necessary to find a professional stage lighting equipment manufacturer to carry out rigorous design and installation, and also to find some staff working in this area to work together to create a perfect stage lighting effect.

Second, the stage lighting effects specifically those artistic effects

1 set off the effect of artistic atmosphere

Stage lighting can show the stage scene without reservation. It can be said that it is the essence of the scene. Use colorful light colors to match and use light colors of equipment such as beam lights, moving head lights, and laser lights to create static or dynamic scenes. Use cool and warm tones to further express the artist's mental activities and emotions. The dark tone conveys the tragic and bitter experience in the performance to the audience under the stage. The combination of different colors creates and designs different atmospheres, which can give full play to the beauty of stage performing arts.

(2) Set off the effect of artistic mood

Through the stage equipment, all the artistic conceptions required in the scene are displayed, and the emotions and content of the performers are combined to give the audience a feeling that exceeds the time limit, so that the emotional world and the spiritual world are promoted to the highest level.

Guangzhou stage lighting equipment manufacturers, stage lighting effects

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