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Stage commonly used three kinds of video lights introduced Jan 11, 2018

Many people do not understand the video light, we often receive the user of such problems, we KEZUN today to talk about with you, stage video light can be according to the characteristics of its outgoing beam is divided into spotlights, astigmatism and effect lights 3 categories.


First, spotlight


Get partial projection light effect lighting. Beam angle is adjustable, the light is more concentrated, there are spot edges, with color filter frame. According to the sharpness of the edge of the spot can be divided into the following three species. Soft spotlight Light soft outline, commonly used Fresnel lens, so called Fresnel lens spotlight. 2. Plano-convex lens spotlight. The outline of the light is clearer, the intensity is also big, it is a kind of lamp commonly used on the stage. 3. Imaging spotlight. Using the principle of imaging, the projected beam produces significant light and dark spots on the stage for tracing the performers or projecting the local area of illumination.


Second, astigmatism


A wide range of light beam spread angle, gentle spot without a trace of a class of lamps and lanterns. It uses only one reflector and is equipped with a color filter holder. A grid of lights, foot light, Atrium astigmatism, day piece astigmatism, quadruple and six with astigmatism, astigmatism and many other exterior species.


Third, the effect of light


The use of light, mechanical transmission and electrical control of the combination of projection of a variety of scenes, nature, meteorological changes and the illusion of a class of stage video lights. Can show a variety of still scenes and activities such as rain, snow, flame, clouds, waves, lightning, the sun rises, you can also use the dynamic shadow as a background to show a variety of landscapes, mines and other changes.


In fact, there are many types of lighting changes in the stage, the combination of light is also very much, more than three are just used more, if there is more about the stage lighting and want to communicate with us welcome to discuss and learn.

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