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Slow shake it light design which should pay attention to Nov 09, 2017

We KEZUN lighting in the bar KTV and shake it slowly to do a lot of engineering, in this area has a lot of work experience, now it is very much slow shake it, when the decoration design also has its own characteristics, today Oppland belt everyone Just look at the lighting design slowly shake it.


      In the slow light of the lighting design program we have selected the device to consider the following questions:


      ① In order to reduce the total power consumption of lighting and lighting the number, there is a reduction of waste of funds and space when we choose the device can choose to configure the high-performance computer lighting equipment stage lighting.


      ② We know it slow shaking it is a large entertainment venues, in order to meet the needs of performances and various cultural and recreational activities, the choice of lighting equipment need to change the pattern, the color change, dynamic and strong lighting equipment.


      ③ choose the lighting must have the following characteristics: light weight, small size, small motor noise, good heat dissipation, high luminous efficiency, good performance.


      ④ The lamps used need to accept the international standard DMX512 signal control, suitable for any DMX protocol communication console.


      In lighting system design to follow the following characteristics:


      ① system configuration reliability


      ② advanced system configuration


      ③ system configuration scientific and reasonable


      Whether it is slowly shaking light design or other entertainment lighting design needs to achieve these related conditions above. If you need lighting projects in this area can contact our customer service staff, they will solve your questions.