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Six Development Trends of China 's Commercial Performance Market Oct 11, 2017

2015 national commercial performance 16.6 million, an increase of 12.5% over 2014;

Box office revenue of 11.1 billion yuan, an increase of 13.4% over 2014, and the first box office revenue over 10 billion mark;

The number of commercial performers exceeded 100 million, an increase of 18.3% over 2014, the highest in the calendar year.

On April 12th, at the 2016 "Performing Arts Beijing" Expo, hosted by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and the Beijing Haidian District Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Center for Performing Arts and Technology published a total exhibition of China's commercial performances in 2015 Development status and development trend of the research report.

2015 commercial performance presented six major trends:

First, high-quality content and audience cultivation is still the key to market development.

Musical market by the "opera Phantom", "ghosts did not" and other original introduction of the impact of the classic repertoire, the market box office growth rate of 44%, is the fastest growth in the market segments; due to parent-child experience hot and tourism The increase in consumer demand led to the rapid growth of children's play market and tourism performance market, with growth rates of 11% and 32% respectively.

Second, capital has become a new impetus to promote the rapid development of the performing arts industry.

There are more than 300 national ticketing organizations, the market competition is very intense, large-scale ticketing companies with capital strength continue to expand, and gradually layout content production, theater operations, film ticketing and investment areas, strengthen market position. The success of the financing of the ticketing agency has a large user base and has an interactive and interactive community platform features.

In 2015, the performing arts industry will raise more than 10 billion yuan. The performing arts organizations with content advantages become the hotspots of capital chasing, which involve music and tourism, and so on. The amount of investment is high. In recent years, The highest value. In addition to the Internet ticketing platform, the content of the industry with the prospects of investment institutions is also a focus of investment institutions, and these content advantages of institutions usually have a large number of high-quality repertoire resources, with a stable creation and performance groups, rich The production and performance experience, with a certain brand influence.

Third, the development of cross-border integration of performing arts resources, large performing arts ecology is gradually formed.

Ticket agencies continue to expand the industrial chain, the layout of the arts industry upstream and downstream, or investment stage play, participate in IP development, or investment in the operation of the theater, the layout of the channel, gradually from the performance market in the "intermediary" into a strong force. In the capital of the help, the performing arts enterprises rely on high-quality content resources are accelerating industrial development, to the direction of entertainment: on the one hand to the film and television, television and other fields to enter, on the other hand leveraging the Internet to tap the potential value of performing arts content. The performing arts gathering area through the integration of industry resources, is the formation of regional development ecology.

Fourth, the performance of the market gradually to the professional and refined road.

There are 2259 venues for commercial performances in China in 2015, but the Qicheng Theater is struggling with less than 50 games. Beijing comedy theater, theater and so on through the characteristics of the theater positioning, to create a differentiated business model, to explore the theater professional development path.

With the maturity of the Chinese performing arts industry, the demand for the audience began to break down, the Chinese market began to appear for specific groups of performances, such as "Tomb notes", "Paladin" and other leading fans group IP drama, for the draft Fans of the "good voice of China" hundred cities and one hundred concerts and so on.

Fifth, the Internet is gradually evolving to the traditional performing arts industry penetration.

Internet entertainment industry to subvert the traditional performing arts "niche" "large scale weak" development trend, as a platform-based business model, Internet entertainment with its traffic, user sticky and video broadcast advantages, can expand to a number of industry sectors. At present, the Internet performing arts mainly for civilians online show field and for the star of the network broadcast mode.

Six is the performing arts and real estate, tourism, high technology and other areas of integration to speed up the direction of development.

With the experience of the economy popular, eye-catching effect of theatrical performance stage is being commercial real estate business attention, performance features become part of the real estate development function positioning. Consumers also look forward to in the shopping center, theme park and other places to see more of the theatrical performances venues and wonderful repertoire, so focus on the live theater theater began to gradually recover, into the domestic first and second tier cities of various commercial real estate projects , To theatrical performances venues as the main shop of cultural complex also began to emerge.

The current tourism and entertainment products attach great importance to the development of local cultural resources and connotations, to create a local cultural performances feast. Natural scenic drama festival, impression series, music and tourism and other tourism performing arts, to promote the form of expression and content richer, more diversified. In addition, high-end advanced imaging technology and equipment as the representative of the high-tech stage performance in the use of more and more widely. Performing arts leveraging high-tech qualitative change, significantly enhance the performance of performance, improve performance, enhance the audience experience, to meet people on stage art standards continue to improve the appreciation of the demand.