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Several points of lighting design for stage lighting Apr 10, 2018

1, conference speech, report meeting

1 It is brighter than other places near the podium, but it does not make the speaker feel dazzling.

2 Open a part of ceiling lights and ceiling lights so that the auditorium maintains a certain brightness.

3 with a suitable amount of surface light, so that the audience can see the face of the staff.

2. Instrumental Concert

1 Open dome lights and surface lights allow viewers to see musicians, musical instruments and performance techniques.

2 Highlight the conductor and solo according to the plot.

3 If necessary, a table lamp is provided so that the player can see the music score.

4 The auditorium maintains proper brightness so that viewers can see the program list.

3, drama art

1 Use white light or light to highlight the colorfulness of clothing and makeup.

2 Use facial light to highlight the actor's expressions and gestures, but not too strong, so as not to cause facial oils to cause reflection.

4. Ethnic dance

1 The background light should be strongly beautiful.

2 The top light and surface light should be white or light, highlighting clothing, expression, and posture.

3 Appropriate choice of chasing light to highlight the dancers.

5, modern dance

1 increase the computer lights, strobe lights, cigarette machines and other special effects equipment.

2 Use chase lights to lead the dance, lead singers and accompaniments.

3 songs singing class:

a. Determine the background color according to the plot and the costume. It is not easy to change frequently in the performance.

b, top light, surface light easy to use light color.

c. The number of participants is small, and the stage outline is reduced by lighting