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Outdoor stage lighting engineering design, what are the specific requirements? Apr 24, 2018

The outdoor stage, as the name implies, is an outdoor stage performance. The success of an evening stage is partly the attraction and quality of the performance. The other major factor is the design of stage lighting. The following let stage lighting manufacturers KEZUN Xiaobian here to discuss with you about some of the outdoor lighting lighting design requirements of some of the details!

1. The performance venue on the outdoor stage is relatively wide, and the area will be larger than the general frame-type stage. Therefore, the distance between the outdoor stage light and the performance area is far away.

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2. The special nature of outdoor stage performance venues and the special requirements of the program's nature and content, especially the overall artistic conception requirements of the stage director, require special lighting design solutions to meet, and sometimes even increase the special lamp position to complete the performance of the performance.

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3. Outdoor performances The auditorium is generally a three-sided (left, right, and right) audience. When arranging stage lighting equipment, the visual needs of the audience on both sides cannot be ignored. If there is television broadcast or video, you also need to understand the relevant requirements in advance and consider it when designing the stage lighting.

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4. Outdoor performances in the stage lighting design can not be as casual as the scene to change the scene, so need to stage lighting to enhance the atmosphere of the stage.

From the above, it can be analyzed that lighting design for outdoor stage lighting projects needs to comprehensively consider various factors, and even in many cases, it needs to take into consideration the related issues such as lighting and convergence in the surrounding environment. At a certain level, large-scale outdoor stage lighting design requires a more macro grasp of the overall spatial environment of the performance and careful and thoughtful service for audience performance.