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Light color of the cold feeling Oct 19, 2017

Light color of the cold and warm sense, is the most obvious perception of the psychological effects, in general, from warm to cold hue arrangement is: red, orange, yellow, bronze, blue, purple. The feeling of light and shade in the formation of human mood and background environment, the effect of the atmosphere is very obvious. In the design of the background environment, the uniform distribution of cool colors is used to express a dignity. Quiet atmosphere; and warm colors are bright, comfortable, warm and pleasant atmosphere; and color on the human mood effect is more obvious, the following is the color to bring people a variety of psychological effects:

Red - excitement, steepness, anger

Blue - solemn, lonely, deep

Pink - warm, hot

Purple - elegant, mysterious, serious, safe

Orange - happy and healthy

Blue - confused, mysterious

Orange - happy, optimistic, clear and comfortable

Blue violet - sinking, dark.

Yellow - bright, gentle, supple

Red Purple - Depression

Green - comfortable, peaceful, relaxed, and angry

White - pure, refreshing

Dark green - cool

The effect of light color atmosphere

The performance of various shades is as follows:

Green - can give people a fresh, comfortable, quiet and young people's sense of vitality;

Pink - implies a mature, giving a gentle and comfortable atmosphere

White - can express a purity

Blue - to induce people to produce thought, and infinite broad sense of depth;

Sky blue - gives a feeling of spring;

Pink - gives the feeling of summer;

Golden - gives the feeling of fall;

Silver - gives the feeling of winter.