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LED in the stage lighting in the wide range of applications Oct 30, 2017

There are three types of dance lights on the stage of performance:

1. highlight the emotions of the audience to guide the audience

The role of color in human vision, can make people have different emotions corresponding. Such as red gives a warm, passionate, dangerous and other feeling, green is soft, vitality, fresh and other feeling, blue that sadness, depression, sad feelings and so on. Stage lights use the emotions of these colors, can reflect the role of the characters inside the state, but also can prompt the audience into the corresponding emotional state.


2. Show the space-time conversion to produce "montage" effect

Stage lighting can be side by side or intermittently appear on the stage, you can form a similar film "montage" effect of the cutting structure of the role of time and space, people feel that this is a time through the performance. The performance of the same time different space of the two cases, as long as the light will be divided into two areas of the street, both sides can be the array; the performance of the same space but the past or the future of things, you can use the role of light dim, Make time back or ahead. Ballet "home", the use of the latter a light technique, so that the new eye in the slope of the picking of the Rui Jue turned into a Mei cousin past the image of the play, the different time of the event clever layer now in the same space, Let the audience feel that moment of the mood.

3. rendering the atmosphere of the show implies the existence of a character image

Light can sometimes act as a dynamic video itself, with the characters confessing the plot, the invisible for the tangible. Such as dance "grassland children", the use of a running light, from the sky on the gallop, instead of the brigade hand horse lamp to find the little brother and sister herdsmen and the liberation army horse, concise, tactical refining. Another example is the ballet "soul", the spirit of the collapse of Xianglin Sao in the illusion as if to see the Amber. A bunch of hovering, jumping chasing light instead of the real image of Amao, with the mother to play together.

This way to light the way, on the one hand to save the performance of the ink, on the other hand is also a good creation of the actual situation of the mood, people can experience the feelings of the performers. But also can highlight the drama conflict and strengthen the stage rhythm, rich artistic appeal. Sometimes with the stage stunt.