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LED in the stage lighting in the wide range of applications Oct 20, 2017

With the continuous development of LED technology, LED gradually into the field of lighting, triggering a new revolution in the field of lighting technology. LED will have a significant impact on social development, will provide people with energy saving, environmental protection, health, adapt to the LED light display and lighting environment, as well as beyond the scope of application of lighting, such as biological, medical, and promote crop growth and so on. In addition, LED in the stage lighting art has also been widely used.

LED stage lighting art as a visual art form, foreign has been more common, but in the country is from 2007 began to appear on the stage, in the 2008 Beijing Olympic opening and closing ceremonies to get a comprehensive application and display. Compared with the traditional stage lights, LED expressive power is very rich, with a strong artistic tension; it can simulate the real scene, reproduce the natural can also show the effect of the image, it has the traditional scenery can not match the flexibility, but also has the lighting system With the characteristics of some of the light source, the audience from the image of the amount of information obtained is much larger than the traditional stage art and lighting and other mechanical physical carrier shown by the information, it created a virtual picture, give us to imagine the space to reach The perfect combination of light and the arts. Microcomputer-controlled LED stage lights products can be set up in accordance with the needs of the site and program, do the quickest combination of changes in light efficiency, in order to achieve the most perfect lighting atmosphere effect. This is a new feeling for the audience. LED technology has given the film and television entertainment and television studio lighting provides a new way of display.

In the previous Beijing International Radio, Film and Television Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV), well-known foreign companies Barco, Mitsubishi, the German media have also demonstrated the LED display, backdrop and other latest equipment. LED applications have been extended from the initial signal to a wide range of space - video stage lighting. LED technology to join, for the film stage lighting into a new vitality.

Industry sources said that the current performance of the use of LED stage lights in the initial installation cost or a lot more expensive than traditional lamps, but the maintenance and use of the cost is much lower than the traditional stage lights in the electricity and lamp equipment cost savings The cost can not be discounted. In addition, because the LED is cold light source, very little heat, but also reduces the cost of air conditioning, which saves a small sum of money. In the whole society to promote low-carbon life at the same time, LED stage lighting use of energy conservation and environmental protection has important significance.

Of course, as a new light source technology, the current large-scale replacement of traditional stage lighting Taiwan stage lighting also need to solve some technical problems, such as if used improperly and will be in front of the camera glare, light angle is not adjustable and so on. However, these problems will not hinder the LED stage lighting is a large number of applications, because these problems will be in the design, manufacture, application and other aspects of continuous improvement, the final LED stage lighting art will be more perfect, faster to achieve a wide range of applications.