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Laser safety knowledge Jun 08, 2016

  Laser is different from ordinary light source, due to its high brightness, good direction, energy density of this particular nature would pose a risk to safety.

  Requirements of safe use of lasers for all laser users and all around the laser system must have sufficient understanding of laser safety.

  The most important thing, when a laser eye safety. Apart from the main light, close to the laser system will often have many to the point of divergence of the light. These light on smooth surfaces such as specular reflection of a lens will form. Although it is much weaker than the main light, but the human eye is still very strong, so would still cause harm to the human eye.

  Dang laser light strong enough strong Shi, will burn skin or clothes, even can lit volatile sex chemical material, as alcohol, gasoline, ether, organic solvent, and can damage light sensitive components cameras, photodiode,; in laser beam spread of path Shang, even spread a distance Hou, still can introduction burning material; even from surface reflection back of this indirect laser contact, also may caused dangerous.