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Landmark laser lights introduction Jun 08, 2016

  Landmark laser scanning systems, laser technology, computer image processing technology and control technology of super high speed scanner in one, pure, glowing green laser in the city over the changing dynamic of line, surface, rotary volume and any graphics, text editing. Still, as the anchor pin; move, colorful, strong visual effect, shock, Regal, is a city landmark, the famous scenic spot of the finishing touch "pen", is also advertising, large theatrical party symbol of high quality and city lighting engineering. Top of high-rise buildings in the city, Omni-directional scan with high power solid state laser. Unique laser event can be several kilometers at night. With intense bright green laser beam laser system constantly on or in the night sky, parallel radiation beam, rhythmic transformation in direct sunlight, spin direction, make the building a dazzling landmark of the city and a unique urban landscape.

  Laser landmarks according to the characteristics of its work is divided into "laser projection landmarks" and "performing laser landmarks" in two ways. System installed in the top of the building, projecting laser landmarks: long distance projection laser beam passing through an optical transmitter, it features: in sunny weather, can be seen in the radius of 6 to 12 miles laser beams, scope greatly. Pure color and laser beam scans a solemn, there is "all mountains in a single glance" King style. Performances type laser landmarks: laser beam after high-speed mechanical scan device launches, can will single beam laser beam extended into more beam, in computer optical system of control Xia, formed pattern range of output way, can achieved more beam of roll, and changes, can and music synchronization, can in building State surface, and even clouds Shang wrote simple of text and graphics, up to advertising of effect, its entertainment very strong. With the maturity of laser technology, laser landmarks in reliability, maintenance convenience, power consumption has been greatly improved.