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KZ-LED Three-layer butterfly lights Feb 02, 2018

Rated voltage: AC110V - 240V 50 / 60Hz

Light bulb specifications: CREE Branch Rui lamp beads 2 × 10W

Rated power: 30W

Color effect: R, G, B, W, mixed color beam

Beam range: 120 degrees

Number of channels: 1 channel / 4 channel two modes

Control signal: voice, 512 signal, master from the walk

Function: 4-color high-power LED and specially designed mechanical device, so that it issued a large number of strong, sharp, long distance beam, with amazing results cover the entire space. LED display intelligent navigation, easy to operate, lamp beads can be rotated 360 degrees, color conversion, full range of dimming and variable strobe effect to create a different lighting scene. Suitable for DISCO, nightclubs, bars and other high-end entertainment.

High power LED three-layer butterfly lights

Voltage: AC220V, 50-60HZ Power: 50W

Light source: imported chip 12WX2 LED high power lamp beads (red, green and white four-color integrated chip)

Control channel: 8

Operating mode: DMX512 signal control, voice mode, master and slave mode

Packing size: 350mm * 330mm * 240mm

Gross Weight: 4.8KG

Applies to the ballroom, club, bar, slow roll, DJ and so on