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KEZUN tells you why there is a large price gap between stage LED lights Apr 08, 2018

LED par light is common and common in the market, and everyone is familiar with it. He is an indispensable part of the stage lighting system. Everyone looks at the same surface. Let's take a sample of 54 3W waterproof pars for example, telling you how those low-priced lights are made.


The LED lamp structure mainly includes the following major parts, namely lamp beads, radiators, power supplies, fans, main boards, housings, lenses, wires, and the like. If you want to lower the price, then you must start from the material to do the work.


 Lamp beads


  The price of LED lamp beads is uneven in the market. Why do some lamps sell so cheaply, and some lamp beads have a price difference of several dozen times? In fact, there are tricky things inside. First of all, its material is certainly the worst. For example, the wire is replaced by copper wire instead of gold wire, and the brackets are produced from recycled materials or scrap. The consumers of these raw materials cannot be determined, and only the problems are exposed after use. come out. Followed by increased power use, the normal use of lamp power may be only 1W, 0.75W, the power added to 3W, beyond the scope of use, the initial brightness is high, but the decay is very fast, not a few months on the dark. Again is the virtual power, the standard is 3W lamp beads, the actual standard is to take 1W or 0.75W lamp beads instead, or even lower, this consumer is generally not to test.


 heat sink


 When the lamp beads work, some of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy, and the heat dissipation is poor, which directly affects the service life of the lamp beads. LED par light radiator, consumers can identify the naked eye open the shell. Many par lights on the market today are equipped with very small and thin heat sinks, and even many businesses do not install heat sinks for competitive prices. As we all know, there is no radiator inside a high-power par light. How to ensure good heat dissipation? How can you ensure stable operation when the lamp is fully lit for a long time?


power supply


    Many low-priced power supplies on the market are virtual standards or can't use the 108W low-power power supply with a rated power of 180W par light. In fact, consumers can easily identify the power supply. The transformers and power tubes above the good brand power supply are relatively large in size, and the overall appearance of the transformers is relatively full; the arrangement of components and the production process are also relatively good, and the overall appearance is clean and beautiful. Low-cost and unsecured power supply design is used for cutting corners, preventing surges, rectifying and filtering, and stabilizing the flow of electricity. Provinces cannot be saved. Provinces and provinces are not allowed. Electronic components also have useful recyclable materials, regardless of the safety and stability of actual use.




     There are two kinds of drive motherboards in the market, one is constant voltage driver board and the other is constant current. Constant current motherboards are highly stable and their prices are more than twice as expensive as constant voltage. Low-cost LED par light Most of the constant-pressure garbage board used, the lamp body temperature can not be protected, resulting in significant reduction in the service life of LED lamps. There is also the cost savings and the integration of the main board and the display board.




      Low-cost LED par lamps use some aluminum die-casting parts or thin aluminum sheets or even plastic shells, which have low cost and very poor heat dissipation conditions.


      Summary: To say a penny and goods, if you encounter a manufacturer's lamp more than 40% cheaper than other normal manufacturers, this time not to be confused. It is everyone's expectation to buy cheap things, but things that are much lower than the market price, you should be more careful to confirm whether the parameters described by the supplier are true, to be measured. The ridiculously low price of the product, regardless of the seller's reasons. Because of the low price and not enough costs, how can there be a qualified guarantee?