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KEZUN teach you how to do routine testing of stage lighting Nov 07, 2017

In order to make the light better use, especially the performance or the use of some time ago do not drop the chain, it is necessary to test the stage lighting design is necessary, or if the show to start, the lights out of the problem is very troublesome, in fact, common Stage lighting equipment We all know, on the stage lighting equipment life and maintenance (you can click to see this article), the key is still lighting equipment maintenance. However, the maintenance of lighting equipment is relatively trivial, basically every day to do some routine testing, regular weekly testing. We Opula teach you how to do routine testing for stage lighting equipment.


     Stage lighting equipment routine testing range:


     First, the light bulb is lit normally.


     Second, all equipment is connected properly.


     Third, whether all the equipment can be used normally, including light control switch, color changer control, scanner action and so on are normal.


     Fourth, DMX512 signal whether the normal control of lighting.


     Fifth, special effects equipment is used normally, and filled with the required materials: for example: hood, fog machine, snow machine, bubble machine.


     These are some of the usual tests, but if there is a problem with the manufacturer, you are usually contacted by a manufacturer. Responsible manufacturers like KEZUN are offering after sales service and support.