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KEZUN shares with you how to buy LED par light, beam moving head light, laser light? May 02, 2018

Guangzhou's stage lighting equipment has become more and more advanced and intelligent with the development of science and technology. Everyone must first design stage lighting fixtures when building a stage lighting project, and then it is necessary to purchase stage lighting fixtures. The following stage lighting equipment manufacturers to discuss with you together about LED par light, beam moving head light, laser light should be how to buy!

1LED par light

First of all, pay attention to the next LED lamp beads, lamp beads of different brands and models, color mixing effect and the use of a lot of poor, bad lamp beads mixed color effect, light decay fast, short life, so when buying LED par light Must choose the quality of the stage lighting equipment wholesale manufacturers. Lamp beads power is also a place to pay attention to, there are many kinds of lamp beads power, before buying, pay attention, the same is the 54 LED par light, LED lamp beads can choose up to seven or eight kinds of power optional

3W*54 Waterproof Cast Aluminum LED Par Light

Input voltage: AC90-245V/50-60Hz

Power: 180W

Light source: 54 3W high-brightness LEDs (red-12, white-6 green-18, blue-18)

Light source life: 6-10 million hours

Color: 16.7 million color changes

LED Angle: 25°

Control: DMX512, master-slave control, self-propelled

Channel: 8 channels (digital display)

Size: 290×290×235mm

Net weight: 7.5kg

Gross weight: 8.5kg

Carton size: 330×330×350mm (1pc/CTN)


@ Power supply, signal hand-in-hand connection installation

@ Double bracket handle, self-supporting, can be hung

@ Split design, full cast aluminum body, temperature protection, safe and reliable

@ Exclusive optical system design, uniform stain effect

@ Ultra-high frequency (64KHz) dimming technology, no jitter flash

Stage lighting equipment, LED par light

2 beam moving head light

A good beam of computer moving headlights originates from good accessories and various accessories are preferred for stability, so that there is a basis for ensuring the stability of the lamps, followed by cost considerations. The current market is full of light bulbs of various channels, because the light bulb has its particularity, so that the average person does not have the ability to distinguish between authenticity, including some lighting manufacturers, not to mention consumers. Therefore, when we go to choose beam computer moving headlights, we must find a stage lighting equipment manufacturer that meets international standards to purchase.

350W waterproof beam moving head light

Light switch power supply optional: AC90∽240V 50/60HZ

Light bulb: YODN 350W (2000 hours)

Power consumption: 500W

Optics: 3 Lens Lenses

Zoom: 0°-3.9°

Electronic Focus: 20 meters, 50000 LUX

Channel mode: 16/20 international standard DMX512 channels

Horizontal scan: 540° (16bit precision scan),

Vertical scan: 280° (16bit precision scan)

Color plate: 14 colors + white, rainbow effect with two-way rotation

Pattern plate: 17 pattern pieces + white circle, with pattern jitter and pattern arbitrary positioning function

Prism tray: 8 prisms, 16 prisms, 24 prisms (optional) can be rotated in both positive and negative directions and can choose random strobe and pulse strobe

Waterproof design: IP56

Dimming: 0%-100% linear dimming, atomization: 0%-100% linear atomization

Weight: 35kg

Beam computer moving head light, stage lighting design

3 laser lights

At present, there are two types of laser lights on the market that are classified from scanning devices. One type is a simple beam scanning laser lamp. This kind of laser lamp uses a low-speed stepper motor to scan, and its effect is only a few simple and repeated beam effects. The other type is galvo scanning laser light, which can usually be used for text and animation. Galvo scanning laser light can be divided into low speed 10Kpps text animation laser light and ILDA standard >30Kpps high speed medium high text animation laser light. Low-speed galvanometric scanning lasers usually cannot deliver complex high-quality text or animations, nor can they produce "multi-pattern stunts." Schobo usually uses >30Kpps high-speed galvanometers to develop animation lasers. It can not only deliver high-quality text and animation, but also deliver "multiple pattern effects".

Laser Light Series(GS-081)

Twenty pattern small laser

Red light: Wavelength: 650nm, Power: 130mW

Green light: Wavelength: 532nm, Power: 30mW

Supply voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50H~60Hz

Control Mode: Voice/Auto

Scanning system: precision stepper motor, large angle scanning

There are 20 patterns on the plane. The pattern of bouquets varies and hundreds of different bouquets are produced with short lines.

Package size: 270 x 180 x 160 mm

1.8kg weight

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