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KEZUN and everyone analyzed how to properly debug lighting equipment during stage performances May 02, 2018

Compared to more complex stage lighting equipment systems, because the lighting involved in the characters and design scenes and the required stage lighting patterns are also different, so the debugging relative to this aspect mainly includes the color temperature, brightness, hue, color, projection of the light. The scope, the venue background of the dimmer, the editor of the program, etc. These are many aspects, of course, this is not an ordinary practical stage lighting project that can be easily debugged, just like audio equipment, but at the same time it is required to pass a lot of serious The test can be completed.

For the design, construction and testing of these traditional and complex stage lighting systems, it is best to find a professional Guangzhou stage lighting equipment wholesale manufacturer, responsible for arranging the stage lighting design and equipment layout, so as to obtain guaranteed results. All of our KEZUN products have international environmental protection standard CE & RoHs certificates, and there are domestic "national standard inspection certificates." Such as the LED 36 computer head beam light, with high-speed electronic adjustment strobe up to 1-25 times / second or random strobe, the total dimming channel can simultaneously control the four main colors of light and shade changes and closed light, Uniform RGBA color mixing system and rainbow effect, can get more colorful colors by adjusting color temperature with white LED. All light sources come from 36*3/5W imported R.G.B.W special optical lens for high intensity spotlight. The following article explains how to properly debug stage lighting equipment during the stage performance.

Guangzhou stage lighting wholesale manufacturers, computer moving head light

1. First of all, we must carefully check the individual operation of each stage lighting equipment, because the control system and mechanical parts inside the moving head of the computer are very precise, the light consumption power is relatively large, and the protective measures should also be improved. Yes, so if the internal control elements or light bulbs are damaged due to transportation or installation, the computer moving head light generally can not work normally, so we should try to test each one separately before system connection or before installation. The operation of the lighting equipment, so that you can achieve the purpose of both testing the lamp and testing the console.

2. To configure the lamp correctly. It can be said that all computer moving heads need to work properly under the correct settings. Therefore, if you really want to achieve normal and orderly status, you must set the correct settings. The contents of the settings are: The control method of the lamp, the power supply form of the power supply, the movement range, the position setting of the lamp in the system, and the processing of the end of the control line, and the position setting of the lamp in the system is often an error in the stage lighting project. Where, stage lighting engineering company learned that its setting is usually achieved by the choice of address code, that is, when the DIP switch on the luminaire must be strictly in accordance with the form indicated in the product manual, do not act rashly.

Okay, this time we first talked about this. In the next article, we will continue to share more information about how to properly debug lighting equipment during the performance.

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