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Kara OK ballroom lighting design what are the issues of attention Nov 07, 2017

Different occasions, the use of natural lighting is not the same, we opulent in lighting design and application experience, excellent technology, today to tell you about the lighting in the design must first pay attention to the following questions:


1, to understand the ballroom business direction (use) and investment

2, pay attention to the size of the ballroom, especially stage, dance floor size, height of space, and the overall art design, decoration design requirements, these are the key factors affecting the design

3, understand the power distribution, power supply situation


Dance halls in various forms, there is no fixed mode, according to their nature of entertainment can be divided into karaoke OK hall, ballroom, song and dance hall three categories.


First, karaoke hall


Pure karaoke OK, is entirely a form of entertainment for the masses, the lighting, audio requirements are not too high. Lighting design mainly consider the overall atmosphere of the environment to create, giving a relaxed, warm and romantic feeling in the matching of lamps and lanterns, should be more choice of some directional lamps, combined into a certain shape. Mechanized lighting to use slower varieties, the power should be small, the color to choose thicker. UV lamp glass ball, light rain can be said that it's representative. With small bulbs, small lights, trumpets and other small lighting on the stage for some elaborate decorations, constitute a fun, unique Corps platform, the effect is easy to do well. With the development of karaoke, karaoke rooms with video recordings appeared. Taking into account the characteristics of the camera, the lighting design should make appropriate arrangements for the light of the singing area. Generally use a small spotlight or small modeling light to the singer design a character with a certain degree of illumination light to ensure that the video recording program with clear characters, the image is clear.


Second, the ballroom


Ballroom can be divided into disco (dance) Hall and ballroom dance (slow dance) hall two categories. The light of the dance floor is the most charming and charming one that can make people feel the light and color. Especially with the singing of music, the melody and the changing rhythm of lights make people more enchanted. In the light of the design, the layout of directional lighting to patchy, the projection direction is all-round, combined with the control system can produce a distinctive, strong sense of rhythm. Mechanized lighting can be more consideration, but the configuration should pay attention to the combination of speed on the dynamic, there should be faster and slower, colorful to be colorful. In particular, with the voice of the mechanical lighting fixtures, more performance of the heart rate of the rhythm of the adjustable frequency stroboscopic strobe is the preferred species. It should be noted that the choice of lamps and lanterns varieties, we must ensure that the number of more lights, as long as economic permits, the ballroom lights will not be too much. In the choice of control equipment, to be able to choose to self-programming console, SCR circuit number must be more, but the power does not require a lot. The purpose is to ensure that the lighting division can control all the lights at will, in order to show the full lighting charm.


Third, a large dance hall


Song and dance hall in the form of a professional performance of the nature of both karaoke OK, ballroom features. Its mode of operation, more emphasis on high-level, professional performance of art performances and singing. The design of the dance hall generally requires a lot of space, especially the height can not be too low. The performance stage is relatively independent and complete, and some even have complicated activity stages and rotating stages. Dance halls show all-encompassing, drama, comedy, dance, solo, singing is everything. Different types of programs, even in different moods of music, songs require different lighting effects atmosphere to contrast, which gives the lighting control, lighting design surface to consider.


(1) The basic light --- In order to let the audience see the stage clearly, see clearly show. First, give the entire stage a basic lighting. This basic lighting includes uniform white and shade lighting. Basic white lighting is a must, but illumination is less demanding, and basic white light is of particular importance, especially on some occasions, or at the height of certain shows, or on special performances such as magic. The basic color light is the atmosphere of the whole stage light. Decide the tone of the entire lighting effect, or passionate, or romantic and warm, or melancholy surface. In the choice of lamps, installed in front of the stage into the stage of the light, should use spotlights, color light through the filter to get, the color should not be too deep in the stage performance on top of the stage and the back (backlight) generally spotlight Beam beam available, the direction of light from the rear cast in the reward, the brightness can be a little lighter, the color can also choose a more thicker.


(2) character light --- group performance, a large area of light from the basic white light solution. Local lighting, the host lighting with spotlight to solve, it is best with 2 to 3 sets of follow-up light, to deal with different occasions. Team or other more fixed performers, beam spotlights can be spotlighted.


(3) Backlight --- The background of the dance hall will change according to the performers. Each change is due to beauty or program needs. Background light is to put these backgrounds appropriately highlighted, so that they are integrated into the show to go, set off the theme, commonly used background lights have sky lights, ground lights, beam lights.


(4) The basic effect of the light --- directional beam light by the composition of the three-dimensional space with a sense of beauty, color changes, the shape can be arbitrarily combined stage lighting division, change.


(5) special effects lights --- computer lights because of its superior performance and ever-changing effects, it is the best special effects lighting. However, the scanner price is more expensive, so it must be considered under the premise of guaranteeing the basic light and the basic effect. At the same time, due to the use of computer lights, you can relatively reduce the number of basic effects of light. The lamp mechanical lighting, because of its relatively simple function, fixed, they feel bad control, it can be less with some.


(6) lighting console --- above all kinds of lights need to control their brightness. Controllable silicon devices are generally used for control. In the choice of lighting console, should use the effect of strong, controllable circuit number, easy to operate console type products. If the economy permits, it is best to use a computer console.


Lighting design is a very deep knowledge, the above just talked about some basic things, many designs must be based on the actual situation, if you have lighting design projects can contact us KEZUN.