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Do you know some technical features of moving head lights? Apr 28, 2018

At present, there are many brands and models of moving head lights on the market. They are imported, domestically produced, head-shaking, and scanning. However, they are generally characterized by the following features. Here are some of the technical features of the computer moving headlights for everyone to share with you!

Moving head light

1. Features of moving head light

As a typical representative of modern lamps, the functions of the moving head light of the computer can be said to be very complete, and generally include: light and shade changes, lens focus changes, lens zoom changes, pattern combinations change, pattern rotation changes, prism effect changes, light colors Changes, combinations of three primary colors, changes in soft and light effects, lens aperture shrinkage changes, beam strobe changes, and more. In recent years, some manufacturers of wholesale stage lighting equipment in Guangzhou have begun to consider connecting computer moving head lights with video equipment so that moving head lights can project more infinitely varied patterns and produce more colorful artistic effects.

2. Structural features of moving head lights

Nowadays, the popular computer moving head lamp in the market can be divided into two types according to the structural form. One is a lens scanning type computer moving head light, and the other is a moving head type computer moving head light. Lens-scanning computer moving head light is to project light beam by a reflective lens on the lamp head at the front of the lamp body. The lens is driven by both pitch and azimuth motors to complete vertical and horizontal oscillations. One of the biggest benefits is that the lenses are light, very easy to control, and can produce very fast changes in beam motion. However, there is also a slight disadvantage: the beam's range of motion is less affected by the mirror axis. So it would be more suitable for suspension.

Beam light

Moving head-type computer moving head light is the initial way of thinking when moving the headlight. Its advantage lies in that the rotation of the light body drives the light beam to move, and the rotation range is large, and 360 degree rotation can be achieved. This sporting effect can produce a full-feeling visual experience on the stage lighting. In the past, the disadvantage of this kind of moving head light was that the power of the motor driving the moving head was relatively large, causing the lamp body to be heavy. However, with the advancement of science and technology, this shortcoming has gradually been overcome, so that this type of computer moving head light has developed rapidly in recent years, has become the mainstream computer moving headlights on the current television stage.

Its volume has been able to be very small, the weight can be very light, and it is very convenient to use. The function of this type of moving head light is more and more full. From the beginning, it was only limited by technology and can only be used as a discoloration effect. It has developed into a moving head light that can produce very rich artistic effects like a lens-scanning computer moving head light. .

The following KUZUN will introduce a 6 LED bee beam moving head light

Stage lighting equipment

The parameters are as follows:

Voltage : AC100V~240V/50~60Hz

Number of channels: standard 11 channels

Control mode: DMX512, stand-alone mode, voice-activated mode, master/slave mode

Machine power: 100W

Beads: 10W, RGBW Quad LED Lamp Beads

Lamp beads number: 6

Lamp life: more than 50,000 hours Other functions

Lens: Aspheric Lens

Display menu: The display panel adopts a 2.4-inch color TFT touch screen, uses Chinese and English fonts, convenient and quick operation and browsing menu, can record device usage time and lighting time, display device temperature, channel data and software version information; can be personalized settings Display menu settings, edit menus and call built-in programs: Supports DMX signal priority recognition. When DMX signal is interrupted, the signal can be maintained, or the black field, default scene, and automatic operation can be selected according to the settings.

Beam angle: 1.5°

Infrared control function: In the absence of the DMX signal, the built-in program can be called by the remote controller, adjust the built-in program speed, select or turn off the voice control mode, etc.

Stage lighting project

Spot angle: minimum 6°, maximum 51°

Appearance: New ABS Fire Protection Engineering Plastic Materials

Color rotation system: rich and varied color modeling, strong three-dimensional beam, rotating rainbow effect

Scanning system: horizontal 540°/1.5 seconds, vertical 180°/0.5 second

Strobe: 1-30 times/sec electronic strobe and random strobe

Dimming: 65536 electronic dimming, super smooth and flicker-free

Lamp size: 226 X 268 X 155 (mm)

Carton size: 260 X 270 X 350 (mm)

Net weight: 3.8KG

Gross weight: 5.7KG

Good ~ This article we shared here. In the next issue of the article, we will continue to share more about the technical features of the moving head of the computer.

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