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Beam light automatically extinguishing bubble three major reasons Jan 12, 2018

Beam light is the stage with the most is the most common kind of light, many customers encounter some common failures when using the light beam, today we KEZUN light summarizes the majority of customers often encounter the use of light beam light of the three major problems ,I hope to be helpful.


First, the bubble extinguishing bubble, after a period of time and automatically bright bubble. Check the cooling system is working properly, if the cooling system so it will automatically light up;


Second, the bulb extinguishing bubble, the bulb can not be automatically: the bulb itself, the surface of the bulb was albino-like, the internal black, bright bubble after a period of time there will be the phenomenon of foam (bulb end of life);


Third, the lamp in the absence of control signals for a long time there will be anti-foam automatic protection, turn on the signal automatically lights;


Some simple faults can be solved by themselves, but some complicated faults require professional maintenance. Everyone needs to contact the manufacturers. Manufacturers like ours KEZUN have perfect after-sales service. If you need to buy can contact us Oprah.