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Beam lamp cooling are there? Jun 08, 2016

  Beam light is one of the common applications of lighting on the stage, because it has a fever, if not heat, it is likely to cause pinhole. Therefore, efficient heat dissipation is a key for ensuring beam lamp service life. Beam lamp cooling mode, what does?

  Head beam light manufacturers introduced, currently the main beam lamp with two cooling, respectively, is a traditional heat sink temperature controlled cooling with high-end software. Traditional types of cooling, rely mainly on good fan bulb heat sink, in conjunction with temperature control switch. Temperature controlled cooling a high-end software, is based on the software to control the fan thermostat, if it is the fan fan speed or fault occurs during use, the software will play a smart, automatically extinguish your light bulb to protect, and do not lead to blow bubbles arise.

  In contrast, the beam light cooling, software controlled temperature cooling mode is more competitive and more in line with market demand.