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Application of KTV private room lighting Apr 16, 2018

KTV room lights belong to the category of stage lighting. With the increase of the domestic economic level, people's entertainment life is becoming more and more abundant. Going to the bar KTV rooms K song is one of the most common entertainment and leisure methods, the general KTV package. The interior decoration of the room has the individualized demand, so there are many KTV private room operators will often have to partially or redecorate the KTV rooms in order to keep up with the trend of the times, which also gave birth to the special belonging to the KTV rooms. One type of equipment, KTV room lights belongs to KTV room lighting and sound.

KTV room lamp Category: KTV room lamp can be divided into one by the use of points, performing arts lighting, this is a common stage lighting, including moving head lights, scanning lights, witch lights, laser lights, pattern lanterns, scanning class of three Clawfish, Octopus, Double Moon Lantern, Promise Arrow and Magic Ball Light, Strobe Light, Rain Light, LED Par Light, Console, Small Smoke Machine, etc. Play a role in creating atmosphere. The second is environmental lighting, LED lighting par lamps, energy-saving lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, explosion-proof lamps, violet lamps, etc. The third is the decoration category, with LED background curtain, LED Xenon lamp, lighting, LED guardrail tube, LED light bar, LED floor tile, acrylic light box, etc.

KTV room lamp commonly used lamps: First, laser lights, there are private rooms designed specifically for private rooms of laser lights, is characterized by continuous use for a long time, with the effect of starry sky and simple patterns mainly to play a role in creating atmosphere . The second is strobe light, LED-based, LED strobe is characterized by durability, no need to replace the lamp, mostly voice-activated mode, from the strobe effect. The third is a pattern effect lamp, also called a lantern, which is divided into two types. One type of light source is a light bulb. The GOBO pattern plate produces a pattern effect and the pattern is more vivid. The other is the light source is LED, the pattern is more regular. Fourth, background lights, neon lights, star curtains, and acrylic light boxes. Fifth, color change, dimming lamps, generally more LED light source, LED par lights, LED rain lights, play a role in changing color and adjusting the environment brightness and darkness.

KTV private room lamps and lanterns characteristic: The characteristic of KTV private room lamps and lanterns is determined by the characteristic of KTV private room itself, the general KTV private room wants to operate continuously for 12 hours every day or so, long time use, put forward very high performance to the lamps and lanterns Requirements, so KTV private room lamps must be durable. The second is the personalization of lighting patterns and effects. Many KTV private rooms are designed to pursue personalization in terms of decoration in order to lead the trend and attract consumers.

KTV room lamp application trend: First, the trend of family-owned KTV private rooms, requiring lamps in the design, installation, control more popular, more conducive to control, installation. The second is the increasing trend of LED lighting applications, low energy consumption, and durability. These are the inherent advantages of LED light source lamps. The third is the trend of multiple designs and personalized demands. Customers will have more requirements for lighting effects of KTV rooms. This requires us to provide professional technology and more to cater to the needs of customers and the public. .