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350 computer beam pattern lamp triple, the best choice for stage lighting Apr 17, 2018

350 computer beam pattern lamp, pattern, dyeing, light beam three-in-one, 13 fixed patterns + white light, pattern lamp effect is a piece of pattern pattern, beautiful and warm; dyeing a fixed color wheel with 13 color chips + White light, rich in color; the light beam is smoother, tighter, with even brightness and more impact. Whether it is used in stage performances, or banquet halls, multi-function hall stages, or bars, it is the best choice for beam lights.

350 computer beam pattern lamp parameters:

Model Number:LJS-MH350BS

Voltage: 100V-240V/50-60Hz,

Town Flow Regulator: Electronic Ballast

Light bulb: Original excellent lamp YODN R17 350W

Average life: 1500H

Number of channels: 16/24 channels

LCD LCD display, DMX 3-core or 5-core signal input

Linear dimming: mechanical linear dimming 0~100°

High-speed strobe: Electronic strobe effect, can instantly flash 1~22 times/second

Color: 1 fixed color wheel with 13 color chips + white, linear color conversion and rainbow effect

Static pattern: 13 fixed patterns + white light, variable speed jitter/bidirectional rotation effect;

Dynamic pattern: 12 rotation patterns, variable speed jitter/bidirectional rotation effect;

Prism: Independent 12 Prism

Strobe: Dual stroboscopic structure, 0-12 times / second. With random strobe

Soft light effect: Adjustable light spot angle

Focusing: The parallel beam angle is between 2.5° and 40°.

Lens: High-precision glass optics

Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment

Horizontal/Vertical: horizontal scan angle 540°, vertical scan angle 270°

Three-phase motors not only provide fast and smooth movements, but also eliminate noise and mute operation

Light weight: 16KG

Protection class: IP20